Nordic Christmas Cards for a Hygge Life.

Don't you just love Christmas Cards? Here at Com Bossa Studio we certainly do. From selecting the right card to thinking about what to write, the whole experience is just lovely.

Winter, and Christmas, means Hygge to us.

'Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment' . . . . ahhhhh.

Dark nights, candles, warm furry throws and a glass of good red wine - it is definitely my favourite season. Our love of everything Hygge influenced our designs for our Christmas cards, they are definitely Scandinavian in style and draw influence from Nordic design. 

But where did the idea first come from I hear you ask. Well, in 1843, Sir Henry Cole commissioned the first Christmas card in London. Fortunately one of his pals, John Horsley, was an artist and so the first card came into being. It depicted three generations of the Cole family raising a toast, they were surrounded by a decorative trellis depicting the act of giving.

The original idea of giving was something that we knew we wanted to bring to our cards and, from our very first collection, we decided to donate to FareShare UK from the sale of each card. This is now firmly a tradition and we are delighted to be continuing on with it this year.

It really saddens us that there is such a need for a charity like FareShare in the world in which we live. But, the reality is, there is, and while that need exists it's very important to us to contribute so a huge big thank you to all of our customers for enabling us to do this. 

Apparently, an estimated £50 million is raised for charities from the sale of Christmas cards each year. Isn't that just wonderful? 

Wener Erhard of San Francisco set a world record for sending 62,824 Christmas cards in 1975 - we're ready and waiting to supply the next challenger with stylish and beautiful cards to send all over the world ;)

Season's Greetings to you all!

Suzanne & Richard xxx