Com Bossa Studio at Harvey Nichols

Picture the scene . . .

It’s March 2020 and the luxury wedding stationery business you’ve built over the last 9 years is in full swing. Then life as we know it changed.

Slowly but surely it dawns on you that there will be no weddings for the foreseeable future. At this point pivoting was not a word we could remember using but as it turns out that’s exactly what we did.


As Easter was approaching we carpe’d that diem and started designing a range of Easter Cards to help everyone who could not spend Easter with their loved ones to at least be able to send a message of love in the form of a physical card. We were genuinely amazed by the popularity of the cards and touched by how many people wanted to support a small business at this difficult time. A new sister brand to Com Bossa Luxury Wedding Stationery was born… Com Bossa Studio.

 luxury notebooks

Fast forward to November 2022. On a rainy Friday morning we receive an email inviting us to join the Winter Emporium at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh!! After a brief few seconds of pinching ourselves we realise that our Christmas cards are going to be on the shelves of one of the UK’s premier luxury retailers. 

 luxury greeting cards

It has been quite a journey and to say we are delighted would be a huge understatement. The late nights and early mornings spent creating unique designs and developing our luxury greeting card business had lead us through the doors of this flagship store in the capital of Scotland.


From day one communication has been at the heart of our business. We set out to create products aimed at spreading a little love and joy in the world. 


We have some core values here at Com Bossa Studio…

Use the highest quality materials and provide the best value for money

Use FSC Certified and Sustainable Card Stocks

Be a Plastic Free Company with an Ethical Supply Chain 

Help people to stay connected with messages of joy and love.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when a card arrives and you open it to find a personal message from someone you know and love. In a world of ‘likes’ and notifications the impact a greeting card can have is quite amazing. The same goes for buying and sending a card, it feels so much more personal and meaningful than tapping a screen.

 luxury journals

If you’re in the Edinburgh area we hope you get a chance to pop in and see us in Harvey Nichols. If that’s a wee bit far from you you can always find us online. As communication really is at the heart of our business we’d love to hear from you, so drop us a message and let’s start a conversation.