Easter Cards: where Com Bossa Studio began.

Let me tell you a little story . . . 

Cast your mind back to late March, 2020. I had recently left my teaching career to join my husband, Richard, in our wedding stationery business. Then, suddenly, the world as we knew it changed. Weddings were off the agenda, we knew not for how long. 

Did we panic? Absolutely!  

But then we paused, took a breath and decided to design a collection of Easter cards.


Throwing ourselves into a new creative project helped to hold the previous sense of panic at bay and we managed to design, advertise, print and post a staggering amount of cards in a week.

There was such a need for connection back then when we couldn't physically meet our loved ones - do you remember the intensity of it all?

It was this feeling of connection that led to the creation of the stationery business that you know today. Taking the time to select, write and then send a card to someone is truly one of life's pleasures - especially because of the joy it brings to the person who receives it. 


So, thank you to you, thank you for being part of that joy and for spreading a little bit of happiness to the people you love. 

We have redesigned the collection since then, but, at its core it's the same - these cards will always hold a very special place in our hearts ❤️. 

Wishing you a very happy Easter!